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I’m gonna show you a really cool piece of software that I use for my Amazon FBA business. It’s called Hello Profit. I use it every single day to check how many sales I have, what’s my profit margin, how many sales I had in organic versus PPC. I’m gonna go through all the things that I use on a daily basis and what I think is really cool.

I’m Ryan with Amazing Profits, and if you’re into Amazon FBA or thinking about getting started, this is the channel for you. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, and click that bell icon so you can be notified of videos when I release them. Without further ado, let’s get started.

All right, so let’s talk about the Hello Profit software. This is an awesome piece of software that I use all of the time. Every single day I look at this software. So when you first log into Hello Profit …

Now before I get started, let me just say I’m gonna put a link in the description below, because you can get a free trial of Hello Profit. The current cost of it is $99 a month. It’s … I think it’s worth every single penny, because I use this information all the time. So let’s get right into it.

Here’s the main dashboard. As soon as you log into Hello Profit, you see this dashboard. And the default display, it’ll give you stats for today, the last seven days, the last 14 days, and last 30 days. And you can see that. What I normally do is every single morning I come in here and I select yesterday, click filter, and then I see my sales from yesterday. So it shows me my gross sales, my profit, how many orders, how many total units, what’s my margin, and it also gives your ROI based on however much you pay for your products. And then you can see that, just like I said, for other time periods too.

Now if you scroll down on the page, you’re gonna see it broken down by every single ASIN. So even if you have a product that has variations, it’s gonna show you every single variation in here. And it just lists it from your most profitable to your least profitable. So you can come in here and see, okay I had this much in sales, here’s how many refunds, what the cost of those refunds is, how many full units were sold and how many promos were sold. And it’ll show you how many sales were from organic traffic as well as PPC. And it gives you all that information down here, and it just shows you every single ASIN, which is really good information to see.

Now there’s … as you start getting into the software, you can go to … has some nice reporting features. And this is a merchant statistic report. So you can run it on a different … any time period that you want. You can run it on certain products. If you have a variation, you can run it on a group of products. So say you have a product with like ten ASINs or ten variations, you can go ahead and create a product group there. And then just see how that part is doing. So if you have a brand, maybe you have a few different brands in Amazon, and one brand is three products and another brand is maybe just one product, you can group those products together.

And so it tells you how you’re doing as a merchant overall, it gives you gross sales, profits, ROI, what’s your current margin, how many products that you have active, what are your … how much tax did you collect, were there any promotional sales, refunds, FBA fees, referral fees, all kinds of everything. It gives you everything that you need to know to give you a really a check on how your business is doing.

And so how does it know how to do all this stuff? Well how it pulls all this information from Amazon, but you have to put in the cost of your products into the platform. So it’s a really easy interface, you just … all your products will automatically come over from Amazon. So you’ll go through a process where you put in your Amazon API, credentials, your secret key, and then within a few hours, it syncs all that information over to Amazon … from Amazon to Hello Profit. And then once it’s in there, you can edit the products, and then you can put in how much it costs you per unit, is there any shipping, what are all the fees associated with this product. And so it uses that information to make all its calculations for product, or for profits and margin.

So some other cools things that this piece of software does is you can view all of your orders. And it gives you a really nice interface to see your order history. And you can do up here in the upper right hand corner, it has a smart search. So you, again, you can filter by date, you could filter by product, by product group. And it’ll tell you when the order was made, the Amazon order number, it’ll give you what the SKU was, the product, how much it was, was there any tax, shipping, quantity. It gives you all that information.

The next thing … another thing it does is it gives you the payment statement. So you can see, in a really quick view, how much money you’ve made over time. Which is nice, because in Amazon you have to click through all of those and select a report for a certain time period. It’s just kind of a pain. It’s cumbersome to navigate.

So that’s my review of how Hello Profit. So if you’re a brand new seller and you’re just getting started and you don’t have that many sales coming in, I probably wouldn’t spend the money to get Hello Profit just yet. I would wait until you build your business a little bit more before you can really get the full benefit of it. Like I said, it’s kind of cumbersome to look at all these stats and reports in Amazon Seller Central. Hello Profit’s just a very nice user interface for that.

So hopefully you found some useful information in today’s video and we’ll see you the next video.